April 17, 2014


Good Morning BEEE!
It’s a bit unfortunate that my short MOW time encompasses Easter. Which then puts me at a disadvantage. Could this be a reason to give me a 4th week? (Please don’t tell my sisters I asked for a 4th week I can’t stand their hatred waaaah.)
Pretty nice morning, we can have a lovely walk lateron and a nice reading sleep or sleeping read waaah on the sofa and a delicious (hope never dies waaaaah) meal in the evening. Lots of tetties, that’s what we like!
Now we have to go and unlock the door, feed the cats and tidy up a bit.
Which means: We have to tidy up while madam is sitting and staring into space.
T-A avec manches vertes waaaah

Good Morning Trudl-Aurora,
This is an interesting legal question. Does a public holiday during the MOW period really count as MOW time or is it “ausgenommen” ?. It is enjoyed in the same way as MOW time or differently and is therefore not “real” MOW time in the classical sense. It’s about time this question was resolved for future cases, don’t you think? If possible without screaming and physical violence!
It is indeed a lovely quiet Easter morning, gives me time to get to grips with Windows 7 and all its new weird features (yes, I know, that other people have been using for years!)
CU very soon

April 16, 2014 – somebody’s birthday!


Good Morning BEEE,
may I just mention that my song was NOT played yesterday?
I think Elferraus is no fun at the moment. It’s only a real pleasure if work pressure is on and we now the MONSTER is fuming because she has an idea that we are not working but she can’t prove it. Every time she wants to surprise us we hear her heavy steps from miles away waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
So your computer should be coming back again, full of Windows 7. If you have any questions – ask me. We have been using Windows 7 for ages in the offices.

Good morning Trudl-Aurora,
Oh, I never realised that. What a pity, it was because of the officialdom yesterday afternoon, which was quite fun in itself.
You’re right, when the work pressure mounts after all this moving house is finished, we can start playing it again! You’re right about the heavy steps, it’s quite amusing when she thinks she’s caught us and is always puzzled when we’re sitting there, apparently concentrated, although she could swear she heard our whoops of  joy at the card game!
Thanks for the Windows 7 offer, I reckon I’ll have the odd question now and again!

April 15, 2014

Good Morning BEE!
Wow, it’s cold, isn’t it? And tonight it will be even COLDER! It’s a shame that we have to shower without any heating at all, isn’t it? Yes, we are treated rather cruelly.

Somehow this week is already so out of the normal that I claim my full 3 weeks NOW!


T-A mit grünen Ärmeln waaaaaaaaaaaaah
Good Morning Trudl-Aurora, RA,
Yes, it is certainly getting a bit chilly for which allegedly is spring time. However, we will soldier on regardless of the cruelties visited upon us by the creature. I think it always is good for our Charakterbildung somehow.
You’re quite right about the weirdness of the day, it is odd sitting without the computer and maybe we will have to go the whole day without it. This afternoon it will be even more weird as we will be out and about.
So rejoice in your extended MOW period and I promise as soon as I get my PC back we can have an 11er raus marathon.

April 14, 2014


I’m so looking forward to my three weeks. I’ll get them as well I reckon with all these things going on. And I can quote precedences from modern and old times for that! When KOF Burbundybearson the Third moved his Palace from the then Rumanian outskirts of the forests to the Irsh Forests all his Höflingsdamen got “3 Monde”. And I only claim 3 weeks waaaaah.
I’m not a specialist in history but as a lawyer I have to have a certain knowledge of the old laws!
T-A Triumph-Adler or Trudl-Aurora whatever you prefer waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Good Morning Trudl-Aurora,
First of all I must express my admiration of your profound knowledge of all these ancient laws and statutes and traditions which fortunately all seem to be working in your favour!
Let’s hope the “3 Monde” aren’t introduced again, that would create a bit of a commotion!
Yes, the workmen business will be continuing for a bit but I think we can truly say the worst is over!
A ring at the door! The PC man?  Must go now!

April 11, 2014


Good Morning BEEEEE!
Welcome to my last mail in this cycle. One thing is for sure – when I’m MOW the next time it won’t be here in the Castle but the Palace. Sort of Castle within the Palace. The Castle Floor? We have to find a name and I think Castle Floor sounds better and more traditional than Castle Level. Although Castle Level sounds more like a computer game. And as we all know: PC games always have a devilish villain or dragon who is to be fought and conquered waaaaaaaaaah.
Tomorrow I’ll start with going 40 percent. And as soon as I see she managed the drive all right I’ll remain with 20% and may be even less later on after the food is served waaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Vanillipuddingi waaaaaaaaaaaaah

Good Morning Vanilli,
This is all quite fascinating about finding a proper name for the new place… Castle Floor sounds pretty good to me. Yes, your next MOW time will definitely be in the new place, complete with its presiding internet game monster!
40 percent sounds rather appropriate to accompany OneBBO on her – hopefully non-arduous – trip. And then going down to 20 % so more is present here! We will have a nice quiet time!

April 10, 2014


Good Morning BEEE!
Big complaint: No cocoa today! But we’ve got the promise for a cup of tea later on. Perhaps you want to join us?
Now we have to get busy, isn’t it dreadful? Can’t she never do her things independently instead of ordering us around? We are particularly happy to see you soon because than she can’t continue in her reckless requirements.

Good Morning Vanilla,
A cuppa tea! Now that is a wonderful prospect indeed! At least it won’t put you to sleep!
Yes, I understand that I draw some of her fire away from you, which is otherwise ceaseless! If you weren’t there, she’s have inflatable versions she can shout at and order around. She needs that WAAAAAAAAAAAH!

April 2014, 9


Cold it is, isn’t it? And while she was having her shower in a nice warm bathroom we had to wash ourselves without any heating at all. She always keeps us tight with the heating. Isn’t it cruel, BEEEE????
We got a nice cocoa, lovely to start the day like that …. although it makes one a tiny bit tired.
William is sending lots of SMSs. No, that’s not true, I just use the word so that Träuschääää knows what we are talking about. Of course, being a modern bear, he’s using What’s app. Nevertheless, he’s always asking whether his suitcases are all right in the cellar in Wuppertal. He’s obviously afraid floods are swamping the Palace waaaaaaaaaaaah.
I’ve heard that Justus has taken 3 weeks off and is going to a kind of a monastery to get into line with himself again. Again? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah. May be he comes back a reformed Justus? Or maybe he’s just putting us all on and is just going to Hawaii hoping for some friendly mushrooms who can stand him for longer than 3 days waaaaaaaaaaaah.
Vanilli in her 3rd week

Good Morning Vanilli,
Yes, the Furmobile “pinged” this morning to show it was 4 °C so it must have been nice and fresh for your shower! Probably OneBBO just wants to harden you up so you will be all tough and healthy and not become degenerate like many people these days…. and after all you got a nice, sleepy-making cocoa afterwards which surely shows a certain niceness…
So William uses What’s app.! He really is a modern bear. Actually I just briefly checked in the Vorratskeller and his luggage is stowed nice and safely so we can put his mind at rest about that!
Justus in a Monastery! Well who would have thought that! I reckon he’s really gone for a little holiday as you suggest and will be found in some pubs just laying low and having a few beers and chatting up some mushs… starting at the bottom (WAAAAAAAH!) as it were and trying to regain being “normal” again before all these psychology studies went to his heed! I reckon the “reformed” Justus will be a lot easier for us (and especially mushs” to get on with!

April 2014, 8


Good Morning BEEEEEE!
Well, what a nasty piece of thing G. turned out to be. We could see his true self and that is everything else but pleasant or charming! Poor Träuschäääää. I think it’s a case of the Beige Bastard’s apprentices having a little practice. The Beige Bastard herself never gets active for a mushroom. That’s her advertising slogan “A Bear in Trouble? I come. A Fungus in Trouble? I’ve get eager apprentices!”
I think we urgently have to get around some Elfer raus to calm our nerve which are tuned on active mode by a delicious cocoa waaaaaahh
Oh, Justus rang yesterday. Obviously Ornella gave him the push as well. He asked how Minnie and Ronaldo are getting on. I told him: Absolutely fantastically! He didn’t take that very well waaaaaaaaaah
Yours Vanilli

Good Morning Vanilli,
Yes, it was a real eye opener. Nasty little crook. Hopefully we’ll not have anything to do with him ever again.
I’m sure the Apprentices will take great pleasure in teaching him a lesson!
I have just taken the Elfer raus cards out!
I’m beginning to feel a bit sorry for Justus, he doesn’t seem to have much luck with the ladies. And especially the news about Minnie and Ronaldo must have been upsetting for him. I think we should be a bit nice to him, it’s not nice feeling lonely and rejected…

April 7, 2014


Good Morning BEEEE!
My 3rd week is already starting with an irregularity, having the tyres changed…. although my sisters claim that this is completely normal for the season. I don’t think I’ll try for a 4th week… there might be murder waaaaaah.
We got a very nice cocoa and I’m going to lie down now and have a little cocoa snoozlet before I meet you at the tyre-changing place!

Good Morning Vanilli,
Yessss, the well deserved last lap of your three weeks! That was a nice start for us, being at the tyres place, and now they have started serving coffee again! But the woman said she didn’t want to interrupt me telephoning so we didn’t get any! Never mind, we’ll remember for the next time!
It’s a good thing they don’t serve cocoa, or we’d both go to sleep and not get home till midday WAAAAAAAAH!
Well, off we go, no time for Elfer raus today!

April 5, 2014


Good Morning BEEE!
Kind of loaded with a very chocolaty cocoa we are already busy…. so don’t be too disappointed that I haven’t written a 10-letter mail. waaaaaaaaaaaaah

Good Morning Vanilli,
After chocolaty cocoa I’m surprised you can even keep your eyes open, to tell the truth! But then, I haven’t had any and I can hardly keep my eyes open either WAAAAAAAAAAH!


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